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Size: 37x48cm

The reflective backpack is not only an eye-catcher, but also a visible protection in the dark. Because when darkness falls, the bags start to reflect in the headlights and you are much better noticed in road traffic. At the same time, the backpack offers generous storage space. Be it as a gym bag for sports, a short trip or the daily way to work - with the backpack you will arrive stylish and safe. A nice highlight, besides the cords, are the carrying straps that turn the backpack into a tote bag with a flick of the wrist.

product features:

  • Reflective backpack keep safe
  • Reflective with incidence of light
  • Plenty of space for a lot of items
  • Practical cords for closing of the backpack
  • Stylish wearing straps enable the use as a shopping bag
  • With shiny yellow heart tag „Keep Safe“
  • Saying: Keep Safe

Backpack reflective

SKU: 240995
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